Welcome to my blog about all things health & fitness…. day 1

Chances are you’re here to get some tips or advice on getting in shape, eating healthier and working out.  I’ve been a fitness professional for almost 2o years!  OMG, am I really that old?  That’s almost half my life.  And frankly, that is exactly how it all started, half my life time ago.  I was a pretty skinny kid who ate like crap.  Many of you who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s know what I’m talking about.  Fruit Loops were “enriched”, Wonder Bread was “enriched”.  Sounded good to our moms, and so did antibiotics… given to cows!  Well, you may have heard that anything “enriched” is pretty much junk food.  Oh, well, maybe you haven’t heard.  The reason why foods like cereals and breads get enriched is because all the fiber and nutrients got bleached out of it, so they had to put something back into it so you wouldn’t just be eating empty calories (food with zero nutritional value ).  So moms, if you think your kids are getting their daily dose of vitamins and iron thru enriched products, you might want to give them an extra multi-vitamin to be safe.  But better yet, just have the whole family eat more whole foods…. like apples, oranges, kiwis and grapes instead of the fruit flavors that Toucan Sam  and Kellogg’s want you to feed your kids.  Tip:  try anything from Kashi brand, Barbara’s, Nature’s Path, or Cascadian Farms (owned by General Mills – there’s really no escaping them in the cereal isle!).  Anyway, you’ve probably heard all about the questionable use of hormones and antibiotics in milk already, so I won’t go into that here.

But I digress.  This is my first blog and it’s purpose is to tell you why I became a fitness expert.   The reason I got into the whole business and lifestyle of promoting health & fitness is because half my life time ago, I wasn’t all that healthy.  I thought sleep was overrated and for losers who didn’t have a jamming social life.  I thought any kind of salad was health food and sushi wasn’t fattening.  And I spent most of my time at rock & roll clubs, playing music and trying to build my tolerance to drinking alcohol!  (Fortunately that didn’t kill me!).  When I graduated college and was in the worst shape of my life, I joined a gym.  My free training sessions introduced me to  the gym’s new-fangled Nautilus equipment and my arch nemesis – the Stairmaster (the PT 1000 I think it was called.  Somewhere there’s probably a museum for this T-Rex of torture!)  My program, according to Amir, my free trainer for the day, was to do the Stairmaster for 20 to 30 minutes at least 3 times a week.  No prob I thought.  With my sweaty hands slipping down the rails, my legs and lungs burning and aches in my black high-top Reebok donning feet, I looked at the screen of flashing red dots only to see the countdown clock saying “25:00 remaining”!  How did this happen to me?  I demanded an answer from God.  But there was none.  I looked at the giggling flab on my belly, stopped my feet and sank to the bottom of the machine.  I stepped off demoralized and saw a long road ahead of me.  I took a few steps towards the horizon, then those steps became strides, the strides became leaps, and then I got tedonitis!  But that story is for another blog.

Fit happens!


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